How to Save on Meat (Part 2 – Buy in Bulk)

Last week we talked about how to find your highest price per pound for meat. You can head on over here to see that post. This week we are going to talk about the second way to save on meat.

Buying is bulk is one of the best ways to save on meat.

When I say, buy in bulk, I don’t mean head to the local warehouse store and buy some meat… I mean buy in bulk! Think 10 pounds or more. For example, I can get lean ground beef at Sam’s for $2.83 per pound, when I buy a 10 pound tube. If I bought just one pound of lean meat at the local grocery store, I would pay over $3.50 per pound. That alone saves me $.67 per pound just buy buying the 10 pound tube of ground beef.

However, if you have room, think of buying even more!

At Sam’s if you buy a case of chicken or meat (about 40 lbs), you can get about a $.50 per pound discount. That means, instead of pay $2.83 per pound for the lean ground beef you could pay as low as $2.33 per pound.

This past week Zaycon foods had a closeout sale and I was able to get 40 lbs of lean ground beef for only $1.99 per pound. Because I purchased 40 lbs at one time, I saved over $.90 per pound!

If you can, save money each week to buy meat. Then when you have enough, you can make a big purchase and buy your meat in bulk. In the long run, it will save you a ton of money.

Stay tuned for next week for another way to save on meat.



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