How to Save on Meat (Part 1 – Find your highest price)

As promised, over the next few weeks we are going to be talking about how to save on meat. Meat is the one thing that most families struggle in finding deals.

You are never going to find meat for free! Well… never say never. You will find the rare occasion when you will get breakfast sausage or the Italian sausage for free or almost free when a coupon is paired with an awesome sale. However, we can’t live on sausage alone (even though my boys think we can!).

Each week we are going to be tackling a new way to show you have to save on meat. These are simple ways that you can implement in your every day lives to help you save on meat.

Step 1 – Find the highest price you will pay.

This week, we are going to talk about the “highest” price you will pay for a certain kind of meat. In order to do that, you need to know what the best price is on any given day… no sales included.

Carrie, you are not making any sense!

Let’s use CHICKEN as one of my personal examples…

I am a tad picky about my chicken… it must be boneless, skinless chicken breasts and I prefer them frozen individually. (don’t judge me! 😉 )However, just because I am picky doesn’t mean that I can’t save money. Sure… I can probably get the bone-in chicken cheaper. When I get an AMAZING deal on it, I’ll buy it, but for the most part… I stick with my beloved boneless, skinless chicken breasts.

Each time I went to a store, I walked by the frozen chicken breasts and wrote down the price per pound. I didn’t go to every store in one day… I just took note of the prices while I was doing my regular shopping trips. I found that (excluding hot sales) the lowest price for the boneless skinless chicken breasts is at Sam’s. I can get the 6 pound bag of  Member’s Mark Boneless skinless chicken breasts for only $10.98. That comes to just $1.83 per pound.

I don’t have to wait for a sale for that price. Everywhere else, chicken was more than $2 per pound without a sale. If I need chicken, the Sam’s is the best place for me. Where do I buy most of my chicken? Sam’s (unless there is an awesome sale at another store)

The highest price I will pay for chicken is $1.83 per pound.

Because I found out what I can pay on a regular basis, I now know the highest price I should pay for chicken is $1.83 When I see that there is a sale at the local grocery store on chicken for $1.49 a pound. Since it is below my target price, I know that price is a stock up price. If I can… I stock up!

Write your prices down for each type of meat.

Now, that you understand the process, you have to do this for each type of meat that you buy on a regular basis. To save money, you don’t have to be without your most favorite type of meat… it just means that you have to be smart about what you are buying and when you are buying it.

Here are a few of the target prices for me:

  • Ground Turkey – $1.59 per pound
  • Ground Beef (lean) – $2.80 per pound
  • Pork  – $2.50 per pound
  • Boneless skinless chicken breast – $1.83 per pound.

Those are not my stock up prices. Those are my normal every day prices. For example, today I was able to buy 40 lbs of beef for just $1.99 a pound. Because that is about $.90 under my regular price, I purchased it and am stocked up for a while! 😉

Now it is your turn to head to the stores to find the regular to prices you are willing to pay.

Stay tuned for next week for the next tip on how to save on meat.



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