Here is our Lunch Menu Plan this week – 8/20/12

As promised – I will be posting our lunch menu each week for our school lunches. There isn’t anything fancy or extra special about our menu plan, but I want to show it to you so you can see that you can feed your children good lunches on a budget.

This is what I will be packing this week:

  • Chicken Nuggets (my son doesn’t mind if they get cold -I am going to slight wrap them in foil to help some) with Strawberries and Pretzels/Goldfish combo
  • Turkey and Cheese Sandwich (no crust of course) with chips and grapes
  • Turkey Roll ups – no tortillas serving with cheese, crackers, and clementines (I just found these cheap at Buy for Less)
  • Macaroni and Cheese with Hot Dogs (using a thermos to put this in) with strawberries
  • Bubble Up Pizza (from freezer) with carrots and mixed fruit

What are you making this week for your children to take to school? Leave a comment and let us know so we can help each other out on being creative!




  1. stephanie says:

    My kiddos love my peanut butter jelly dogs, I just use hot dog buns, instead of bread, then I cut it into bit size pieces. (I have tons of hot dog buns in the freezer, so I have been getting creative, even use them as “french bread”)
    Thanks for the lunch menus, we are going to save a ton this year, this can add up so much paying for school lunches. Carrie, you are one smart girl, thanks for helping!

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