Healthy Banana Bread recipe that tastes amazing!

healthier banana bread recipe

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Finally a healthy banana bread recipe that tastes great!   We love banana bread! My kids like eating bananas but sometimes I think they intentionally leave bananas sit on the counter with the hopes I will make banana bread. I have my go-to banana bread recipe, but I have been wanting to try a healthy […]

Baked Apple Chips

baked aple chips - close up

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail The Baked Apple chips can be easily saved for after school snacks or to put in your kids lunch boxes. These delicious baked apple chips are dried easily in your oven so you don’t need any fancy machines. Now I do recommend that you purcahse an apple corer or an apple slicer. I just […]

Banana & Peanut Butter Roll ups – easy snack idea

banana and peanut butter roll ups square

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Have you been loving all our fun and frugal after school snacks? I know my kids have loved trying them all. Today I’m sharing with you a fun and super easy one – Banana & Peanut Butter Roll ups. These are super easy to make and the kids love to help make them. What […]

Cucumber Bites – easy after school snack

cucumber snack - clean out

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail I have another fun and easy after school snack idea for you – cucumber bites! Several of my kids just love cucumbers, so they were very excited about helping me with this after school snack. It is healthy and oh so cute! It would also be a very easy appetizer to make at your […]

Homemade Chocolate Pudding Recipe

homemade chocolate pudding square

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail You have to try our homemade chocolate pudding recipe. My family likes pudding – they really do. However, those “inexpensive” boxed or pre-made pudding cups can really add up. When you have a big family like ours it is much cheaper to just make it at home and it makes for a delicious after […]

Caramel marshmallow popcorn recipe

caramel marshmallow popcorn

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail My family loves popcorn… almost any kind of popcorn. We love our delicious caramel popcorn recipe and we definitely adore our white chocolate popcorn. This caramel marshmallow popcorn recipe is no different and it is a super fun idea for after school snacks. It has three amazing tastes all in one – salty popcorn, […]

Perfectly Crispy, Oven Baked Kale Chips

kale chips - square

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Geesh… I can’t believe that school is about to start. I was just starting to get the hang of my routine with 8 kiddos a home and then BAM…. school is about to start. As much as I am looking forward to getting back into a routine, I’m going to miss our “sleeping in […]

10 Delicious Watermelon Smoothie Recipes

watermelon smoothie recipes - square

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Can you tell I have been on a watermelon kick lately? 😉 It is just so readily available and inexpensive in the summertime that I can’t help but want to try more and more recipes. Now let me be honest, I am not the world’s biggest watermelon fan. Actually, until recently, I didn’t care […]

24 Mouthwatering Watermelon Recipes

watermelon recipes - square

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Summer is the perfect time to try new watermelon recipes, as I’m sure many of you enjoyed our Summer drink recipes roundup. I buy a lot of watermelon in the summer because it is so inexpensive. My family loves eating watermelon as is, but I thought it would be fun to round up a […]

Moist Banana Bread Recipe

banana bread square

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Banana Bread…. I have tried several different banana bread recipes, some fabulous, some OK, and some BLAH! I have found this to be the perfect moist banana bread recipe – for my family anyway. If you love our Cinnamon Swirl bread recipe, I think you are going to love this easy recipe. It is […]