Grilled Asparagus Recipe

grilled asparagus recipe

This is the easiest Grilled Asparagus recipe you will try. There is no fuss and practically no work in making delicious grilled asparagus. We had a gathering of friends and everyone brought something to add to the potluck. We were already grilling corn on the cob and hot dogs, so my sister brought asparagus to […]

Parmesan Pasta – Easy 2 Ingredient Side Dish


My family loves pasta as a side dish and I love it because it is easy and cheap. This Parmesan Pasta side dish is eash to make but tastes “fancy”. I got the wacky mac pasta for FREE with a coupon a while back (or you can get Barilla pasta cheap right now) and wanted […]

Quick and Easy Weeknight Macaroni and Cheese

weeknight macaroni and cheese recipe

Skip the box macaroni and cheese, when you can make your own without any extra time! You don’t have to do anything fancy to enjoy good ‘ol fashion macaroni and cheese. My trick is using the American Cheese slices that I get for cheap with my coupons. You can have this dinner created and on […]

Homemade Egg Noodles


Delicious homemade egg noodles are right at your fingertips.  This egg noodle recipe is fairly simple to make and after your first few batches you will be a pro. Don’t be discouraged if you first few tries aren’t perfect. Homemade is a bit rustic and rarely uniform- the taste is what counts most of all! […]

How to Cook Black Beans in the Crockpot (and how to Freeze them)

how to cook blackbeans in the crockpot

On our biggest money saving tips is to cook your own beans instead of buying them already canned. Not only do canned beans have extra sodium, but they are double the cost. We rarely find coupons for canned beans, so make yours instead! It takes practically no effort. Black beans are one of the easiest […]

How to Make a Roux (Cooking Basics)


I hope you have been loving this cooking basics series to help you cook for less. Remember, most of the time those pre-packaged items you are buying in the store you can make for less. How to Make a Roux is so easy – anyone can do it! Learning how to make a roux (pronounce […]

Cauliflower Rice – Tastes great!

Cauliflower rice recipe is easy to make

Are some of you trying to eat heathier like me? I am trying not just diet, but instead plan for healthier meals. One of the things my family has now incorporated into our dinners is Cauliflower Rice. This cauliflower rice recipe is so easy, it is hard to even call it a recipe. However, it […]

Pan-Fried Potatoes & Sweet Potatoes Recipe

pan-fried sweet potatoes

I have a small love for sweet potatoes, but not like you probably think. I HATE sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving. Crazy, I know. I don’t understand why people think you should put marshmallows on sweet potatoes. Just because they have the word sweet in their name doesn’t make them a dessert. Marshmallows are meant for […]

How to Make your own Homemade Cornbread Mix

cornbread mix2

Making your own cornbread mix… what is the point? Oh my… have you ever had homemade cornbread? Not the kind that came out the box, the kind that you make from scratch. It is OH SO good. There is something about it that just melts in your mouth. We make cornbread on a regular basis […]