10 Ways to Use Left Over Grilled Chicken

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FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Do you love to grill chicken? My family does! If you are going to fire up the grill, go ahead and cook extra chicken. You won’t have to spend anymore time, but your wallet will thank you. Instead of hitting the drive thru on a crazy weeknight, use left over grilled chicken for future […]

How to Know Which Oils to Cook With and Why

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FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Have you ever wondered what is the BEST Oil to cook with?   I thought it would be fun to take a minute to talk about oils. No two oils are created equally. When choosing just the right oil to cook with you want to consider both the health aspects of the oil, and […]

How to Increase Energy – 5 foods that you should be eating

increase energy with food

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail I’m pretty sure most of you (me included) are hoping to drop a few pounds now that it is a new year. However, we often find ourselves dragging and struggling with lack of energy. I thought it would be fun to talk about how to increase energy just by eating certain foods. Plant based […]

5 tips to make the perfect fudge recipe

5 tips to delicious fudget recipe

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Fudge! It is one of the pivotal recipes for the holiday season. If you have never made fudge, you may be afraid of making it because it seems to difficult. The truth is, fudge recipes have very few ingredients and instructions – you just have to be sure to follow the directions correctly. 😉 […]

How to Freeze Ground beef AFTER you brown it

freezing ground beef

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail My personal freezer tip is how to freeze ground beef so it saves you a ton of money and a ton of time in the kitchen.  This is such a simple and SMART idea, but you should BROWN ground beef BEFORE you freeze it. Yes, you read that right – brown and then freeze. […]

Foods That Help Headaches

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FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail When you get a headache, the last thing you want to do is to eat. Most people lose all appetite when their head starts aching. Despite this, there are actually some foods that help headaches. In fact, eating the right foods might just be the headache solution you have been looking for. Form a […]

How to Keep Salad Fresh

keep your salad staying green and fresh with these easy tips

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail How to Keep Salad Fresh Have you ever wondered How to Keep Salad Fresh? I know that we used to struggle with keeping our saldd beautiful and crisp. We would buy it from the store and it always seemed to go bad before we could use it all. We finally came up with some […]

4 Ways to Save on School Lunches

ways to save on school lunches

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail I wanted to take a minute to tell you how I save on school lunches. With 4 kids, we make a lot of lunches for the kids to take to school. Here are 4 ways to help you save on lunch this year. 1. Buy reusable containers. Ditch the old school plastic baggies and […]

What Groceries Go on sale in March

what is on sale in March - grocery sale cycle

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail As many of you know, buying produce that is in season is a great way to save money without coupons. When produce is in season, it will also be at its lowest price and packed full of the best flavors. Not only are their certain produce that goes on sale, but there are certain […]

How to Roast a Chicken


FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail I’m so excited to my new series – Cooking Basics. I’ll start sharing with you each week different techniques on basic recipes, like roasting a chicken, making gravy from scratch, and more. Whether you are a new cook or have been cooking for awhile, you will want to stick around and keep an eye […]