CopyCat Chick-Fil-A Lemonade Recipe

copycat chick fil a lemonade recipe

Is anyone else ready for summer? I know my family is. The one thing we LOVE when we are grilling or swimming is a cold class of homemade lemonade. Have you ever tried Chick-Fil-A Lemonade? It is delicious and the kids love it. I just had to try to make my own Copycat Chick-Fil-A Lemonade. […]

Pepperoni Pizza Dip – easy after school snack

pepperoni pizza dip

Kids love Pizza, so it stands to reason a Pepperoni Pizza Dip recipe would be a big hit as an after school snack. Fortunately this tasty Pizza Dip makes a warm, gooey and delicious dip that is just as easy to throw together as it is yummy. This Pizza Dip is very frugal and a […]

Baked Apple Chips

baked aple chips - close up

The Baked Apple chips can be easily saved for after school snacks or to put in your kids lunch boxes. These delicious baked apple chips are dried easily in your oven so you don’t need any fancy machines. Now I do recommend that you purcahse an apple corer or an apple slicer. I just think […]

How to make Homemade Uncrustables

homemade uncrustables - so easy to make

I’mk so excited about a new thing we are doing wiht making school lunches. This year we made Homemade Uncrustables. These are so easy to make and they are a HUGE money saver and time saver! You only need 5 items to make Homemade Uncrustables Wonder bread cutter Jelly Peanut Butter Sandwich Baggies a Knife […]

Easy Homemade Flatbread Pizza

make this delicious flat breawd pizzs in under 15 minutes!

School is just around the corner, which means our schedule is about to get crazy…. I mean crazy. This homemade flatbread pizza recipe is perfect for a weeknight dinner idea. Our entire family loves it because they get to make their own pizza. Mom and dad love homemade flatbread pizza because we make it with […]

Easy Breakfast Recipes for Back to School

over 80 easy breakfast recipe for back to school

Huge Roundup of Breakfast recipes for Back to School! School is just around the corner, which means it is time to think about breakfast. For many people (including myself) the mornings before school can be quite hectic. My hopes is that this post will inspire you to get in the kitchen and cook. These recipes […]

How to Make Your own Refried Beans

how to make refried beans in the crockpot

Today I wanted to share this recipe on How to make your own refried beans in the crockpot. Instead of paying around $1 per can, you can easily make your own and place them in the freezer to save your family a ton of money. Then you only have to heat them up to eat. […]

Faux Cinnamon Rolls – Easy Cinnamon Biscuits

easy breakfast idea - cinnamon biscuits

This is a favorite of our family! We call them faux cinnamon rolls, but really they are just cinnamon biscuits with an easy icing on top. You can’t get any easier or any yummier than this! I promise, your kids will be in love! You don’t need fancy biscuits to make these – the cheap […]

Garlic Lime Steamed Asparagus

garlic lime asparagus

Oh my! This Garlic Lime Steamed asparagus is so easy to make and tastes amazing! Whether is is cold our hot outside you can make this delicious side dish because we cook it in the skillet. It literally takes minutes to make to enjoy delicious asparagus. If you are not a fan of asparagus it […]