Pizza Pasta Casserole

pizza pasta casserole

This recipe freezes great so this recipe makes 2 pans. That way with very little work, you can make one for your family and then the second goes in the freezer. You kids will love it because it is like pizza, but you will love it because it is a TAD healthier. Enjoy! Print Pizza […]

Homemade Pizza Sauce -Save 75% off the store bought Jars!


My kids and I have been making our own pizza sauce for a while now. My family and I love to make pizza, and I finally “figured” out an actually recipe and it is GREAT! You don’t have to chop anything or even cook it. In my mind, simple is always better I always save […]

Biscuit Pizza Recipe

biscuit pizza

Here is a fun recipe for you and your kids. We got biscuits on sale a few weeks ago, so you can really make this for cheap. Even if you don’t find them on sale, you can find the 4 packs (you just need the plain cheap biscuits) for around around $2. Print Biscuit Pizzas […]