5 tips to Throw a Fun 4th of July Party on a Budget

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FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail 4th of July is just around the corner and we love to throw parties for our family and friends. It doesn’t have to be expensive or overwhelming to throw a fun party. Today I wanted to show you 5 tips to throw a fun 4th of July party. 1. Use Your Crock pot. Using […]

6 Clever Ways to use Leftover Hamburger Buns

leftover hamburger buns

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail 6 Easy Ways to Use Leftover Hamburger Buns Wasting food is never a good thing. Hamburger buns might be cheap, but that doesn’t mean you should throw away those leftover buns after a meal. Hamburger buns have unique qualities. They are bread, but their shape and size make them perfect for more than just […]

5 Reasons Strawberries are so Healthy for You

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FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail 5 Reasons Strawberries are so healthy Do you love strawberries? They are delicious and a wonderful treat, but there is more to those tasty berries than just juicy sweetness. If strawberries are one of your favorite snacks, you will probably be thrilled to know that you love a food that is packed with good […]

6 Ways to use left over pasta

made too much pasta Check out these easy wasy to use left over pasta. No one will know they are leftovers

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Have you ever made too much pasta before? I know we have! For some reason we make too much pasta or not enough. Now… we make too much on purpose because there are so many ways you can use left over pasta. 1. Freeze the pasta to use later. Did you know that you […]

How to Know Which Oils to Cook With and Why

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FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Have you ever wondered what is the BEST Oil to cook with?   I thought it would be fun to take a minute to talk about oils. No two oils are created equally. When choosing just the right oil to cook with you want to consider both the health aspects of the oil, and […]

How to make Homemade biscuits

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FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail My family loves biscuits! We seriously do, especially when we make our crock pot chicken pot pie recipe or our turkey chili. Our kids have to have some biscuits. Biscuits are so easy to make so there really is so reason not to make them at home. Plus they are frugal to make. You […]

How to Make Naan Bread

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FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Today’s recipe is really easy. Learn how to make Naan bread two different ways. We are showing you how you can easily make it in a bread machine and how you can make it by hand. No mater which way you choose you can make delicious Naan bread at home. This recipe is very […]

How to Color Easter Eggs with Kool-Aid

color Easter Eggs with Kool-Aid guide

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Have you heard of coloring your Easter Eggs with Kool-aid? It is actually very easy to do and the kids just love it! You don’t have to special dye at the store to color your eggs vibrant colors. You just need Kool-Aid and water. Here is how to Color Easter Eggs with Kool-aid: Take […]

How to Bake Hard Boiled Eggs in the Oven

how to make hardboiled eggs in your oven

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail I have heard about it all over Pinterest and decided to learn how to bake hard-boiled egged in the oven. Can you really make hard-boiled eggs in your oven? The answer is YES! It’s almost Easter and that means it’s time to boil LOT of eggs for dying, hiding and deviling! Even if it […]

How to make a Heart Shaped Cake

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FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail I have a fun post for you today! As Valentines Day approaches you might be trying to think of ways you can show your family how much you love them. One fun way would be to make a heart shaped cake. No heart shaped pan, you say? I am going to show you how […]