Healthy Banana Bread recipe that tastes amazing!

healthier banana bread recipe

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Finally a healthy banana bread recipe that tastes great!   We love banana bread! My kids like eating bananas but sometimes I think they intentionally leave bananas sit on the counter with the hopes I will make banana bread. I have my go-to banana bread recipe, but I have been wanting to try a healthy […]

Grilled Teriyaki Chicken with BBQ

teriyaki bbq chicken swquare

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Oh my!! This is one of my family’s all time favorite grilled chicken recipe. It is crazy easy to make and tastes amazing! I made this marinade on a whim a while back and couldn’t think of a name. My husband named it Teri-Q and it just stuck! Teri-Q Chicken is amazing! This marinade is […]

Can you Freeze Onions? – Easy tips to freeze onions!

freez onios - square

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Can you Freeze onions? I have gotten lots of questions about freezer cooking, so I am slowly going to be posting my tips from week to week. Basically my favorite way of freezer cooking is to help out my time in the kitchen. The easier it is to make my dinners, the less likely […]

The Best BBQ Chicken Recipe

best bbq chicken recipe square

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail I think we can all agree that I love my grill. I mean, there is practically no clean up so what is there not to love?  From our Taco grilled chicken to our grilled corn we love using our grill in the Summer months. Today I wanted to share with you our absolute best […]

Chocolate Chip Muffins

chocolate chip muffins square

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail There is nothing like a little chocolate in the morning! How do I justify that? With Chocolate Chip Muffins, of course. If a recipe has “muffin” in the recipe that means its for the morning (a cupcake would be a dessert). That’s my reasoning and I’m sticking to it! My kids have been out […]

20 Minute Dinner – Creamy Chicken Pasta with Fresh Tomatoes!

creamy chicken pasta is the perfect 20 minute dinner

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail This 20 minute dinner idea is one recipe that is perfect for a weeknight meal. My kids love this Creamy Chicken Pasta recipe and the adults do too. We love that there are fresh tomatoes in it! This recipe takes that easy dish you have probably made on the back of the cream of […]

How to Freeze Corn on the Cob

how to freeze corn on the cob - square

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail My family loves corn on the cob! It just screams summertime and grilling out, but honestly, we love to eat it all year. Unfortunately, fresh corn is not available (at a decent price) all year where we live. Since summer is just around the corner and we can get fresh corn for cheap right […]

Easy Scrambled Egg Muffins

scrambled egg muffins square

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail My family has started making a new breakfast… scrambled egg muffins. We have been making them for years. It all started after we made the Bacon Egg and cheese biscuits. I thought to myself… couldn’t I just serve the eggs?  They are SO easy to make and they taste great. You can make a […]

Super Moist Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

choclate zucchini muffins square

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Have been loving our recent muffin recipes? My family loved the double chocolate muffins and even the delicious applesauce oatmeal muffins. We have a new one for you today that we think you are going to love – Chocolate Zucchini Muffins! What? Did I say zucchini? Why yes, yes I did. If you have […]

CopyCat KFC Chicken Pot Pie

kfc chicken pot pie close up recipe

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Copycat KFC Chicken Pot Pie is a fun and delicious dinner idea. These are fun mini chicken pot pies, that you can easily reheat for a quick weeknight meal. They are frugal and tastes amazing. Who doesn’t love chicken pot pie when it gets colder outside. This is all you need: 6 5-6″ Foil […]