FREE Freezer Cooking Guide

freezer cooking guide printable

I’m so excited to share with you my personal Freezer Cooking Guide. I know that many of you are always nervous about what you can FREEZE and how long it will actually last in your freezer. Now you don’t want to wonder anymore! Did you know that there are a ton of items you can […]

Crockpot Stuffed Peppers Soup

crockpot stuffed peppers soup

This crockpot stuffed peppers soup recipe is just wonderful!  If you like the traditional stuffed peppers recipe, but don’t want to do all the work, then this recipe is for you.  I got the idea from a recipe on pinterest, but of course, I had to alter it and turn it into a crockpot meal. […]

How to Freeze Rice

how to freeze rice

How to Freeze Rice Did you know that you can freeze rice?? I buy rice in bulk all the time (especially when I get it for free with my coupons. :)). Instead of paying for the overpriced Minute rice I buy regular plain brown rice. It is healthier and much cheaper. Hwoever, I don’t always […]

Crockpot Chicken Pot Pie

crockpot Chicken pot pie is the best recipe. You get the flavors of a chicken pot pie wthout all the work

Here is my Crockpot Chicken Pot Pie Recipe – yes you read that right… we are making it in the crockpot. Basically you are just making the “insides” of the pie. Then you serve it with some yummy biscuits or crescent rolls (that you can normally get free or cheap with coupons!). You could even […]

Quick and Easy Weeknight Macaroni and Cheese

weeknight macaroni and cheese recipe

Skip the box macaroni and cheese, when you can make your own without any extra time! You don’t have to do anything fancy to enjoy good ‘ol fashion macaroni and cheese. My trick is using the American Cheese slices that I get for cheap with my coupons. You can have this dinner created and on […]

Donut Mini Muffins


We made these Donut Mini muffins recipe for the first day of school and they kids are always begging for me to make them again. I’m not much of a baker, but this was a success! The kids devoured them and my husband thought he was in heaven with this buttery… sugary… deliciousness! Donut Mini […]

The BEST Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas


 Many of you have asked for my sour cream enchilada recipe and here it is. I originally posted this on Coupon Closet, but  I had to share it here, because I know that you will LOVE the recipe that our family calls the BEST Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas. I have been making these for years… […]

How to Cook Black Beans in the Crockpot (and how to Freeze them)

how to cook blackbeans in the crockpot

On our biggest money saving tips is to cook your own beans instead of buying them already canned. Not only do canned beans have extra sodium, but they are double the cost. We rarely find coupons for canned beans, so make yours instead! It takes practically no effort. Black beans are one of the easiest […]

How to Freeze Pancakes and Waffles

how to freeze waffles easily

One of my easiest ways to help you save money and TIME is to freeze your homemade waffles and pancakes!  You only have to make the mess once, but you can freeze enough for 3 or 4 breakfasts. Now you can enjoy homemade waffles or pancakes during the weekday. How to Freeze Pancakes and Waffles […]