Cinnamon Swirl Bread Recipe

Cinnamon swirl bread recipe - So easy to make!

My friend introduced me to this Cinnamon Swirl bread recipe a few years ago and I am glad she did. I am not much of a baker, but my kids were excited about this bread. It didn’t last long in our house the first time I made it and I get requests for it all […]

Super Easy Mini Cinnamon Rolls


Mmmm, mmmm good! Cinnamon rolls are just so delicious! The are fun to make, they smell so great when they’re baking and oh ya, they taste great! There is absolutely nothing wrong with them. Well… they are not too good for the waistline. It is just so hard to not eat the whole thing. The […]

How to Make your own Homemade Cornbread Mix

cornbread mix2

Making your own cornbread mix… what is the point? Oh my… have you ever had homemade cornbread? Not the kind that came out the box, the kind that you make from scratch. It is OH SO good. There is something about it that just melts in your mouth. We make cornbread on a regular basis […]

Cinnamon Sugar Recipe


I saw a spice at the local grocery store for Cinnamon & Sugar and I thought… “people don’t make their own cinnamon & sugar recipe?” It seems like a DUH moment… because I thought everyone made their own mixture, but it dawned on me that some people may not even now how. Trust me… it […]

Banana Bread Mini Muffins Recipe

banana bread mini muffins

My family loves banana bread… there is no doubt about it, but we love Banana Bread mini muffins just as much. They are easier to eat (especially the little ones) and they freeze great! I keep a batch (or two) in the freezer. Then for breakfast I just pop a few in the microwave and […]

Tasty Breakfast Sandwiches

breakfast sandwiches 2

The other night my kids wanted breakfast dinner (an indulgence about once a week around here) so I didn’t really argue. However, I wanted to make something different than the ‘usual’ waffles or breakfast burritos. So… I created these yummy breakfast sandwiches. Now, I did use some ‘specialty’ pans to make this dinner, but it […]

Juicy Cakes

Juicy Cakes 1

Hold on to your hat! These are the tastiest, easiest, ‘from-scratch’ cupcakes I have ever made. No joke. And yes, I have made a few cupcakes in my day. Juicy What? There is a super secret ingredient that you will not want to omit! Are you ready for me to let you in on the […]

Cinnamon Roll Waffles!

cinnamon roll waffles

If you loved the Cake mix waffles recipe then you are about to be in love! Today we are making Cinnamon roll Waffles. Yes, you read that right!! Waffles made out of refrigerated cinnamon rolls. I can’t take credit for this fabulous idea though. I found it on Pinterest from Shaken Together and I just […]

Self Filled Lemon Cupcakes

filled cupcakes 1

Cupcakes! I keep seeing coupons for the Fun-da-Middles cupcake mix, but they are still so expensive! I have also heard the filling is good, but the cupcake is not super tasty. I’ve been wanting to play around with making my own so here we go! I used a boxed lemon cake mix and only 3 […]