63 of the Best Crockpot Chicken Recipes

63 of the best crockpot chicken recipesIf you feel like you are running out of ideas for dinner, we have put together some very nice Crock Pot chicken recipes to help you out. I love using the crock pot, especially on busy nights. It is so easy to just through everything together and not think about dinner again until its time to eat it! 😉

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Now you definitely need a crockpot for these recipes. There are some really good ones on sale right now. If you work all day, you may want to invest in a programmable crockpot. They are awesome because you can set them to start later, or to stop and switch to warm once the dinners are ready. Amazon has some on sale right now too.

I really recommend these Crockpot liners. They make clean up a breeze. Instead of scrubbing and washing the pot, you can just toss the liner. It is practically no clean up, and sometimes… saving time is worth more than saving money. :)

Over 60 of the Best Crockpot chicken recipes

  1. Slow Cooker Balsamic Chicken Sliders, Coupon Closet
  2. Shredded Chicken Recipe, I Am That Lady
  3. Crockpot Chicken Tortilla Soup, Eating on a Dime
  4. White Chicken Chili, I Am That Lady
  5. Slow Cooker Pineapple Chicken, Coupon Closet
  6. Slow Cooker Cranberry Coq au vin, Foodie Mama
  7. Slow Cooker Captain Coke Pulled Chicken, Foodie Mama
  8. Slow Cooker Chicken and Zucchini, Coupon Closet
  9. Crockpot Chicken with Butternut Squash, Pears and Cranberries, Stock Piling Moms
  10. Cheesy Bacon Ranch Chicken, Coupon Closet
  11. Rotisserie Chicken in the Crockpot, Architecture of a Mom
  12. Chicken Fajita Soup, Coupon Closet
  13. Crockpot Chicken and Noodles, Crystal & Co.
  14. Crockpot Chicken Teriyaki, Eating on a Dime
  15. Creamy Crockpot Chicken Tacos, Crystal & Co.
  16. Crockpot Chicken and Zucchini Bowtie Pasta, Crystal & Co.
  17. Slow Cooker Taco Chicken, Coupon Closet
  18. Slow Cooker Cauliflower Chicken Tortilla Soup, Food Done Light
  19. Crockpot Chicken Quesadillas, Eating on a Dime
  20. Slow Cooker Shredded BBQ Chicken, Food Done Light
  21. Slow Cooker Balsamic Chicken, Coupon Closet
  22. Slow Cooker Chicken Posole, Love Bakes Good Cakes
  23. Crockpot Chicken Pot Pie, Eating on a Dime
  24. Slow Cooker Italian Chicken Soup, Coupon Closet
  25. Mini Chicken Pot Pies, Second Chance to Dream
  26. Crockpot White Chicken Taco Chili, Eating on a Dime
  27. Crockpot Creamy Taco Soup, Coupon Closet
  28. Chicken in a Hurry, The Bitter Side of Sweet
  29. Sweet and Tangy Crockpot Chicken, Eating on a Dime
  30. Crockpot Chicken Fajitas, Coupon Closet
  31. Slow Cooker Honey Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches, Uncommon Designs Online
  32. Pizza Chicken, Coupon Closet
  33. Barbecue Ranch Crockpot Chicken, Eating on a Dime
  34. Chicken Taco Soup, Mom vs. The Boys
  35. Crockpot White Chicken Chili, Coupon Closet
  36. Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos with Peach Salsa, Thrifty Jinxy
  37. Crockpot Savory Shredded Chicken, Eating on a Dime
  38. Crockpot Cilantro Lime Chicken, Coupon Closet
  39. Buffalo Chicken Meatballs, This Mama Loves
  40. Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup, Coupon Closet
  41. Crock Pot Chicken Tater Tot Casserole, Sweet Southern Lovin’
  42. Crockpot Santa Fe Chicken, Eating on a Dime
  43. Super Easy and Delicious Crock Pot Chicken Chili, The Pinning Mama
  44. Slow Cooker Chicken Broth with Left Over Rotisserie Chicken, The Pinning Mama
  45. Crockpot Hawaiian Barbecue Chicken, Eating on a Dime
  46. Slow Cooker Bacon Chicken Ranch Pasta, A Dose of Paige
  47. Crockpot Cranberry Orange Chicken, Stockpiling Moms
  48. Crockpot Salsa Chicken, Eating on a Dime
  49. Slow Cooker Country Curry Chicken, Delightful E Made
  50. Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Potato Skins, Call Me PMC
  51. Crockpot and Baked Chicken Taquitos, Eating on a Dime
  52. Chicken Enchilada Stew, Confessions of an Overworked Mom
  53. Thai Chicken Coconut Soup (chicken Coconut Pho), Susie QTpies Cafe
  54. Crockpot Cranberry Barbecue Chicken, Susie QTpies Cafe
  55. Crockpot Pulled Chicken, Eating on a Dime
  56. Crockpot Sesame Chicken, This Mom Can Cook
  57. Creamy Crock Pot Chicken Marsala, The Frugal Foodie Mama
  58. Taco Chicken Soup, Eating on a Dime
  59. Slow Cooker Rosemary Whole Chicken, Pink When
  60. Paleo Chicken Soup, Confessions of an Overworked Mom
  61. Crockpot Lime Chicken, Eating on a Dime

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